A history of excellence

Nava Press is a leader in the printing industry that services brands in high end publishing, luxury, fashion, design, and furniture sectors. Founded in 1922, Nava Press reputation for quality and innovation stems from a commitment to combining research, technology, and excellence in customer service. The company's location in Milan provides unique access to some of the world's finest materials and artisans, and it's long history in the region has forged meaningful relationships with vendors and craftsmen alike. Nava Press understands how vital the printed product is to it's clients, and has provided it's time-tested services to the finest and most well-respected institutions.


    The spirit upon which Nava Press was founded and has always upheld is a strong work ethic and a belief in “creating the very best job”.This determined and hard working spirit is still alive within the company to this day, as Nava's highly skilled team manages and operates the most advanced printing technology in the world.

    Nava Press understands that every last detail of a client's project is absolutely critical to its success, from R&D to meeting deadlines. Such precision requires careful control, quality assurance, and inventiveness -- qualities that have afforded Nava Press a faithful and well-respected international clientele.

    The people

    The quality of Nava Press products is a direct result of the competent and passionate team of people that handle each meticulous detail of a client's project. From sourcing materials to operating state-of-the-art printing technology, the Nava team ensures that all stages of manufacturing meet only the highest standards.

    Technology and

    Nava Press commitment to investing in the latest printing technology ensures excellence in all phases of production, and allows for diverse manufacturing capabilites. While technological innovation remains at the core of Nava's success, it is balanced by a commitment to preserving the values of craftsmanship, from skill in the choice of materials to the promotion of internal expertise.

    Services and project management

    Nava Press long history and talented team is poised to provide client services from the conception of a project to the final delivery. From ideation to product design, material selection to pre-print and file preparation, project managers are committed to keeping the client informed and involved in the process from start to finish.